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Website Backup

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Website Backup


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Secure cloud storage

Every file, folder and database in your site is always safe, protected and available. Website Backup even works if your website is not hosted with inCloud, and getting started is as easy as connecting your website via FTP/SFTP.

Automated daily backups


Built-in daily malware scanning

Hackers are everywhere on the web. Built-in daily malware scans and security monitoring services keep outsiders from getting near your diles and databases. Daily backups store malware-free copies of your files for safekeeping.

One website per account


Easy one-click restore

If you’ve made a mistake building your site, or you’ve got a security breach, you can restore a clean version of your website. You may even want to recover a single file or folder that was lost or changed, do just that with one click.


Hosted Elsewhere?

No Problem!

inCloud uses FTP or SFTP depending on your host server. So you can be hosted with a number of different companies and still connect to our backup solutions. If your website is hosted on an inCloud Server, we can automatically set up the FTP/SFTP connection for you.
Website Backup
Website Backup

How Secure, Try Encryption Secure!

Website Backup from inCloud not only stores a copy of your website, it also encrypts all files, folders and databases that are transferred and stored. In addition, Website Backup provides a daily malware scan, continuous security monitoring to make sure your content is safely stored and virus free.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I automate the backup schedule?

Set the frequency of continuous backups and receive notifications on every successful backup, or only when there is an issue. Rest assured you have a complete backup of your site and schedule them at a time that works for you.

  • Daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Schedule backups at specific time
  • Alerts on failure to backup
  • Skip directories if needed
What are incremental website backups
To keep backups fresh, we only store the latest changes to your website. This ensures you can roll back up to 30 days of history in the event of an issue. Each backup is a complete copy of your website on that day.

  • Full initial backup
  • Retain backups for 30 days
  • Restore complete backup by date
  • Quick and easy recovery process
What products does not work with Website Backup

Incompatible Products: VPS and Dedicated Servers, Website Builder, Quick Shopping Cart, and Managed WordPress (MWP already includes backups and one-click restore).

How do I restore a website?

You can select to auto restore files and MySQL database. You can also download full zip of backup files, can select files you want to download and also can download the database.

How secure are my backups?
Keep your website backed up on servers operated by our security team. As a companknown for website security, we take precautions to ensure that your website files and
MySQL database are safeguarded in a remote location.
  • Backups organized by date
  • Locked down in the Sucuri cloud infrastructure
  • Off-site storage keeps hackers out
  • Platform agnostic configuration for any website
What type of scans are used to monitor the site?
Website Backup uses HTTP scan to monitor the site, same as Website Security.
How does 1-click restore work?

If you want to restore an entire website, simply go to the Website Backup dashboard, locate the website you want to backup and click “restore”. You can also restore any file or folder and select the directory you want to restore to.

Do we send notifications?
You can select to get notification after every backup, only on failure, or choose to disable notifications.

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