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Website Security


Security monitoring


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Website Security

Key Features


Trusted Site Seal


Advanced DDoS mitigation (Deluxe & Express)


Compatible with most CMS and custom-coded sites


Protection for unlimited pages within a single website


100% clean site - guaranteed


CDN performance accelerator (Deluxe & Express)


Security analysts for advanced issues


Brand reputation monitoring


Advanced security monitoring


Advanced protection and speed boost (Deluxe & Express)


Unlimited malware removal and hack repair


Google blacklist monitoring and removal


Website Security Malware Scanning

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Website Security powered by Sucuri. That’s right, we let the pros do what they do best. Advanced protection is truly simple. There’s no software to install, daily security scans run automatically and if there’s ever an issue our automatic removal tools can’t fix, our security experts will repair it manually at no additional cost to you.
Website Security


Most malware attacks are triggered through automation which means any website that’s not secured can be the next target. If your site does get compromised, and you don’t have an immediate response — like inCloud Website Security — it can do more than just disrupt your site. It may lead to down time, bad SEO rankings and even Google Blacklisting. It’ll ruin your reputation, and that’ll chase prospective customers away. #BetterSafeThanSorry


Frequently Asked Questions

How often will Website Security scan my site for malware?
inCloud’s Website Security scans your website daily. Depending on your plan, you can choose from a 30-minute, 12-hour or once-a-day security monitoring and scan frequency.

If any malware is found, you’ll be notified immediately.

I have an SSL, do I still need Website Security?

Definitely. An SSL encrypts data being transmitted to and from your website — it doesn’t protect your website from other vulnerabilities, such as malware, SQL injections or DDoS attacks. By utilizing both an SSL and Website Security, you’re using a complete security suite to protect your website, your customers and their data.

How does a Web Application Firewall (WAF) help secure my site?
A Web Application Firewall is a cloud-based firewall service that screens and protects your real-time website traffic from threats such as SQL injection attacks and comment spammers. It also protects you from DDoS attacks.

WAF only takes a few minutes to set up and is the front-line defense for your website in between Website Security scans. We highly recommend a firewall to protect your site.

How does Website Security work?

Our Website Security scanner automatically checks your website at predetermined intervals for malware, blacklists and uptime. If we find any problems, we’ll send you an alert to let you know the best course of action. Alerts may be set up in the form of sms or email.

If malware is found on your site, all you’ll need to do is submit a removal request and our expert team will get to work on fixing the problem, which won’t cost you an extra peny.

Not only does Website Security monitoring protect you and your customers, but it also protects your website’s rankings by checking a variety of different blacklists and notifying you if you’ve been placed on one.

Does Website Security work if my site isn’t hosted with inCloud?
Yes. Our goal is to make the internet a safe place for everyone. We’re able to work with CMS-hosted sites (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.) or a custom-coded site (HTML, PHP, ASP etc.) regardless of your hosting company.
How does the Website Security Content Delivery Network (CDN) help speed up my site?
A CDN is a network of servers around the world that deploy dynamic and static caching so that all content will render fast and reliably. This means when someone in Europe visits your website hosted in the United States, it’ll load just as fast as a website hosted in Europe.

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Customer Testimonials

Got the deluxe web security package after my website was blacklisted because of sql injection. Super pleased with the service.

Laurence Hubert

Sacramento, CA

My website got hacked and I got a notification from my web host that my site will remain down until fixed. Bought the express plan and 45 minutes later, i’m up!
Jean Jacques

Montreal, QC

I put 20 clients on website security plans to avoid the hassle of self managing their security. Great value with the CDN and WAF.
Dale Louis

Casper, WY

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We don’t anticipate you wouldn’t be satisfied with us. We’re so confident, we are willing to offer a 30 day Money Back Guarantee on any of our annual products.

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Ask us how you can get 30 days of free hosting if you work for a Non For Profit Organization. We Love To Give Back.

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